More Than Nine Stories

In the week I spent avoiding the internet, I re-read most of J.D Salinger’s Glass family stories. It was nominally for research on a project. A roleplaying game about oddballs, found families, and people who live in huge, creepy houses. I know, the Glass clan only kinda-sorta fits one of those. One of my main points of reference, though, is The Royal Tenenbaums, who are a Salinger pastiche and fit two-point-three of the criteria. Mostly I wanted an excuse to set aside other reading and re-read some Glass tales.

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I think people who hate Salinger were forced to read Catcher in the Rye in high school, and never read anything else of his. I also think most of them miss the point of Holden Caulfield, either because they expect a protagonist to be likeable, they bought into the propaganda of outraged parents’ groups, or they were just taught wrong.

If you’re wondering why I though this would make good tabletop roleplaying material, remember that I also wrote a wildly unpopular sourcebook loosely based on the HBO series Bored to Death and Paul Auster’s New York Trilogy, with a splash of O. Henry thrown in for good measure. People who think I only in this business for the money are missing some deep cuts that were created just to amuse myself.

A Flow State Writing Day

Today I get to drop a new book. Based on 4+ years of data, it’s the best day for me to release something new. Other publishers in my niche will give you other answers, but it’s early enough to get peoples’ attention leading into the weekend.

Aside from that, it’s a writing day. Nothing special or interruptive going on. I can get into a flow state and crank out high volumes of word count. Currently I’m working on a book about running the DoubleZero roleplaying game. Hopefully I can finish it up, and then move on to editing and release it next week or the week after.

More Than Nine Stories

I realized that a lot of people stopped reading in the first paragraph, when I mentioned Salinger. No, that’s not true; there weren’t a lot of people reading in the first place. If you’re still here, thank you for reading.

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