My Bona Fides as a Simple Living Minimalist

Katie and I are currently looking for a slightly larger flat, and people are clutching their pearls. But you’re a minimalist! Doesn’t that mean cramming yourself into the smallest space possible? It this an admission that you have too much stuff! No, and no. This is a good time to go over my bona fides as a simple living minimalist, and discuss the use of living space.

The two of us live quiet comfortably in a one-bedroom flat. The kitchen is small, but functional. It has enough cabinet space for pantry items and cookware, but not so much that I don’t need to be selective. The same can be said for the bedroom and its closet space. The issue there is one of organization, rather than too much stuff or not enough room. All in all, the flat is big enough for our needs, but small enough that we need to be vigilant about acquiring stuff.

Current Issues

There are two issues that we need to address. The first is that we both work from home. For me, that’s not a big deal. All I need is a table to hold my laptop and bullet journal. Katie, however, is an artist. We need space for art supplies and finished works. As she expands her marketing efforts, she needs space for photography and to shoot video. Her online shop is picking up, so she needs to be able to pack orders. Right now, her studio is in the living room. It’s working now. I can see a point in a few months where it won’t work any more.

The second issue is basic comfort. My desk is in the kitchen. I would very much like to have a dining table again. We currently eat in the living room, over the coffee table. It’s functional, but it’s not practical for eating soup. I want that basic norm of eating at a regular table back.

Simple Living Solutions

We’re looking for one extra room. It would become Katie’s dedicated studio space. My desk would move into the living room, replacing Katie’s current arrangement. I’d have a kitchen table again.

Being a simple living minimalist isn’t about austerity. It’s not a contest to see who can live with the least amount of stuff, in the smallest space. Instead, it’s about being realistic about your needs. We need a bit more space for practical reasons. We’re not talking about going from zero to McMansion. One extra room would make us a little more productive, and a bit happier.

My Bona Fides as a Simple Living Minimalist

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