My Patreon Has Officially Launched

Today’s my first day blogging over at Patreon. It’s a bullet journal-adjacent post about doing less in order to do more. Don’t worry, I’m not going to be posting here every time I add something new over there. Posts will be available to patrons there first, and a week later they’ll appear on this site. For a whole US dollar a month you get early access to my blatherings. For five bucks, you get the previous month’s posts collected into an e-zine.

My Patreon Has Officially Launched

The one thing you won’t get over there is me hawking my latest release or my work in progress. That alone ought to be worth a buck. There will be occasional posts on Patreon about things that I’m more comfortable leaving behind a pay wall, to keep the trolls out. Over time the two will develop their own identities, in spite of the shared content. The goal, really, is to have these avenues of self-expression that I can share with people.

Tomorrow’s Patreon post is about how Isaac Asimov and Ray Bradbury have affected the creative processes of both myself and my wife. It’s something that I’ve talked about before, but this is more of a compare-and-contrast of how Katie and I work. She’s an artist, I’m a writer, but there are so many habits we have in common in spite of working in different media. She’s always been a Bradbury worker, I an Asimovian, but both of us have started adapting each others’ best practices.

Anyway, my Patreon has officially launched. Next week you’ll be getting a minimum of 3 to 5 posts per week here as a result. It’s time to start rebuilding this platform, and getting back to the type of blogging that I’ve always enjoyed doing. Hopefully long-time readers are still with me, and we’ll pick up some new friends along the way.


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