My Patreon is Live

Having a Patreon is a way to publicize this blog so that I can better connect with more people. It’s another platform to share my thought and experiences with others who share my interests. While having an additional revenue stream is nice, that’s not my primary purpose. If it were, I’d have higher-level tiers and market them far more aggressively. While blogging is something that I enjoy doing, patronage validates that it’s worth doing. I don’t feel as if I should be using the time pursuing other paid work. It means that I’ve made some sort of connection with you, the reader. I’m putting something into the world that isn’t just more noise. Even if you prefer to read posts here, becoming a Patreon is a cheap and easy way to make me feel appreciated, and I appreciate you in return.
You can check out my Patreon page here.

What Your Patreon Patronage Gets

  • At the $1 tier, you will receive access to all currently available posts. You also gain early access to new posts there a full week before they appear on the website here. You are guaranteed a minimum of 3 new posts per week. There may be some bonus content there that I won’t post here, mainly anything mildly controversial. A paywall keeps the troll commenters out, and if it doesn’t, at least I got their dollar.
  • At the $5 tier, you get all of the above. Plus, you will be able to download the previous month’s posts as a convenient ebook in Kindle, epub, and PDF formats. I may put together topical “best of” collections from time to time as well.
New patrons will be charged by Patreon at sign up. This grants you instant access to all content currently available at the tier of your choice. After that, Patreon will charge you automatically on the first of each month.

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