Settling into the New Normal

Thinking about the coronavirus and the state of the world has understandably distracted me from writing. Getting supplies secured, baking and canning and freezing so that we have enough food in case we can’t leave the apartment for a few weeks has cut deeply into my schedule. The mass stupidity, callous cruelty, and extreme danger that I see in the United States isn’t helping my depression. Today I finally put all of that aside and began settling into the new normal. I am ready to get back into a stable routine.

Settling into the New Normal

I don’t normally plug this here, but today I dropped not one, not two, but three issues of the zine. Some work got done on the novel. Over the weekend I’m going to plan out the coming two weeks in my bullet journal, so that I have schedules and deadlines again. I’m ready to dig into this notion of a Camp Corona writing retreat.

Part of me is tempted to fold all of this into the novel. Another part of me want to let it stand as a time capsule of what the world was like before all this came down. I’m conflicted about whether I believe anything will change as a result of this. On some level it has to, but a huge swath of America seems to be in denial that it’s even happening as they’re standing in the middle of it. If there’s any emotional toll to be borne or responsibility to be taken, I expect they’ll pretend nothing happened and continue on as if it’s still their funhouse mirror version of the 1950s.

The past 24 hours has about broken me of doing the daily data update posts. It feels pointless. Throwing facts into the wind does nothing against the fire hose of disinformation being spewed by American politicans. I need to shut it down and look away.

Aside from writing and reading, I’m going to stick to watching professional wrestling on Fite TV. There are also Studio Ghibli movies on Netflix Nordic. Even the former doesn’t let me take my mind off of the pandemic, though. Live shows have all been shut down due to lockdowns and travel restrictions. I need to dive into the archives and stream old matches.


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  1. I read that Billy Bob Thornton likes to watch sixties TV shows when his anxiety plays up – I’m planning to try that because they were my comfort TV as kid – that and Danny Kaye movies.

    1. In the US I did the same. Very limited selection in Finland, though. Last year I found clearly pirated copies of The Dick Van Dyke Show and Dragnet on YouTube and binged those every night before bed.

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