Testing a One-Page Weekly BuJo Spread

Earlier this year I stopped using the Ryder Carroll-standard monthly log. It wasn’t a layout that I was using, and the waste of space was offending my sensibilities. When I switched to a weekly spread I found that I used it, and leaned heavily on it. I could skip the monthly, and rely on the future log for the sort of information it provided. Now I’m testing a one-page weekly bujo spread, to see if I can narrow it down to its most basic utility.

My current weekly spread looks a lot like the standard monthly. I have the month and year at the top, along with the week number. Date/Day down the left-hand column, so 28 M, 29 T, 30 W, and so on. Except instead of being on sequential lines, they’re spaced 5 lines apart. That leaves me writing space for Monday through Sunday. The facing page is for weekly tasks, a few trackers, and general note-taking.

The new spread I’m testing puts that all on one page. Split down the middle. Days on the left, tasks and trackers on the right. The facing page is where Monday’s daily log begins. No, I won’t draw you a diagram.

To me, the benefit has been that I’m not starting Monday staring at a blank page. I can see the whole week staring at me. It’s motivating because it puts the start of the week in context. If I don’t start building momentum right away, I can see how I will start to get backlogged as the week progresses. By the time I flip the page on Wednesday or Thursday, or even Tuesday if Monday really went off the rails, I’ve got a handle on what the week looks like.

Testing a One-Page Weekly BuJo Spread

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