Thank You Patrons …with Katie and Berin

  This week's topic: #ThankYouPatrons In this bonus mini-episode, Katie and Berin thank their listeners for all the support and encouragement they've given over the years. They talk about what this podcast is, what its done for them, and how important it is for small creators to connect with people that appreciate what they do. [...]

Getting Things Done and The Bullet Journal Method

At the risk of offending fans of both David Allen and Ryder Carroll, I don't see a vast difference between Getting Things Done and The Bullet Journal Method. The techniques are different, but the underlying philosophy of both is the same. Collect information, sort it, and take action on it. What I use is a [...]

Finland Doesn’t Have Wildfires, But…

He Who Shall Not Be Named recently said that California should deploy some rakes to clean up the forest floors, thus avoiding massive wildfires. Then he went on to cite a conversation with President of Finland Sauli Niinistö where they discussed forest management. While I normally keep my mouth shut about politics and politicians, I've got to [...]

A Quiet Interlude… with Katie and Berin

This week's topic: A calm and gentle conversation about everyday life stuff! After last week's heavy episode about gatekeepers, truth, and integrity, we needed to lighten things up. Katie talks about her trip to a craft festival in Tampere, and how her entrepreneurial endeavors are going. Berin discusses his birthday and the upcoming holiday market. [...]

Why Is This So Hard to Grasp?

First, a bit of housekeeping: bolstered by the amount of engagement this page has been receiving, I'm going to continue these late night (for me), off-the-cuff, occasionally ranty posts. Thank you all for the views, likes, shares, and comments. The temptation to go radio silent for a bit is strong, but I'm resisting it. I'm [...]

Pointless Drama — For Charity!

Pointless drama is anathema to me. What I'm about to write about is nothing but pointless drama. My instinct is to keep my head down and my mouth shut until it blows over, because it doesn't involve me directly. It does, indirectly, involve my company. Because key actors in this melodrama are speaking publicly, I [...]