Gatekeepers… with Katie and Berin

This week's topic: The Pros and Cons of Gatekeepers!   Katie and Berin talk about how the elimination of gatekeepers in creative work allows them to make a living doing what they love. They discuss the democratization of art and culture. On the downside, they acknowledge that there are areas like journalism, public health and [...]

My Words Have Value Even Without Graphics

As I dip my toe back into the waters of blogging, I’m looking at the conventional wisdom for getting people to read your posts. Don’t make it too long, but also don’t make it too short. Clickbait headlines might be annoying, but they get results. Have section headers to organize your thoughts. Use bullet points [...]

Creativity and the Rollins Principle

You start out making something because it's fun to do. Great! Expressing your creativity is a worthwhile hobby. Putting something positive out into the world is a noble calling. Then you discover that you can make a little money doing it, which is fantastic, because it keeps you in coffee, journals, and art supplies. At [...]