How I Spent My 55th Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. Hold for applause. Katie asked what I want, but on a regular basis I sort of already have that. If I don't already have it, either I don't need it or can't currently afford it. Since I equate stuff with stress anyway, anything material would have had to have been spacial [...]

Just Punch Me and Get It Over With

In spite of the title, I'm filing this one under "self-care".  So the day started with the Twitter thing, which remains unresolved. Their automatic form letter said a few days. After poking around the internet, other people say it's more like a couple of weeks before you hear anything. Fine. I'll take it as a [...]

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

It's not often that I'll talk about tabletop roleplaying games in this space. That's my day job, and my company has it's own website specifically for that stuff. This is a rare exception, for a cause. I've resurrected a couple of out-of-print titles for the current Bundle of Holding. These aren't Dancing Lights Press books [...]

Propaganda… with Katie and Berin

This week's topic: Propaganda vs Fake News Katie and Berin talk about the blatant lies being circulated by a certain government administration. They discuss how this is an underlying cultural problem in the United States, where people are raised to believe certain things that have no basis in fact. As falsehood compound upon falsehoods, is [...]