How to Leverage Creativity and Constraint

Last month I started taking an online film appreciation course on film noir, free online thanks to Ball State University and in conjunction with Turner Classic Movies' "Summer of Darkness" noir festival. At the same time I'm re-reading Tim Ferriss's book The 4-Hour Workweek, which I frequently cite as the book that got us to [...]

Yes, I Want to Stay in Finland

Early this morning as I sat drinking my coffee and getting some writing done before Katie woke, it struck me how much this place feels like home. Not just this apartment. This neighborhood. This city. This country. It doesn't just feel like home; this is home. As I told Katie later in the day, when [...]

Six Months in Finland

Today marks six months that we've been in Finland. As it always seems to be with these things, in some ways it's surprising that it's already been that long, and in other ways it's startling that it's only been that long. I think that it's a late honeymoon period for me; long enough that I [...]