Interlude: A Pandemic Without Internet Access

Yesterday the internet went down a little before noon. It was out for most of the day. I know a lot of people couldn’t handle this pandemic without internet access. Katie carried on making art. I kept on writing. We put on music that we actually own on MP3, rather than streaming. For our late lunch we turned on broadcast TV for the first time since New Year’s Eve and watched a home show.

Admittedly, I did cheat. I went onto my phone, which uses a different carrier, to see what was going on. Telia, the second largest mobile carrier in Finland and our home ISP, was down nationwide. I don’t know why and, honestly, I don’t care. It works 99.9% of the time, when I need it to. I’m not going to die if it’s out for a few hours. As it’s included in our rent, I can’t even feel that I have a right to be outraged that I’m not getting something I paid for.

Basically, I saw that they were aware, and were working on fixing it, and that was good enough for me. Other people were swearing at them and losing their damned minds. Seriously, how is that constructive? “Maybe they’ll fix it faster if I call them offensive names!” is a strategy that, to my knowledge, has never panned out.

A Pandemic Without Internet Access

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  • Today is Day 41 in isolation. 

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