A Note from Patreon for EU Patrons


This morning I received the following email from Patreon for EU patrons. I want to pass it along with my own comments:

new EU law is going into effect this month that will require Patreon to add an extra security step for EU patrons. This is to reduce fraud for card holders, and all companies with EU customers are required to comply.

As a result, some of your patrons may see a pop-up from their bank when pledging or updating payment methods that requests a username and password, a code sent to email or text, or any other authentication method supported by their bank. If your patrons have any questions or issues with one of these popups, it’s best to suggest that they contact their bank directly, as Patreon does not control the form.

To learn more, check out this article in our help center.

This is something I’m already used to with online purchases. I’d venture to guess that most people in the European Union are as well. I get redirected to my bank’s website and have to log in using the authentication app on my phone. Patreon is based in the United States where people are still getting used to chipped cards and other security measures. Those things have been the standard here for years, but they probably expect push back. A couple of extra steps for the sake of security isn’t really an inconvenience. Even if it is, that’s just how things work now and complaining isn’t going to change it.

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