Physical Books or Ebooks

Do you prefer to read physical books or ebooks? For me, it depends upon the problem you’re solving for. Most of my problems are solved by ebooks.

As an overall experience, I prefer holding an old-fashioned print book in my hands. Hardcover, because they’re easier for my arthritic hands to handle. Decent-sized print, because of my aging eyes, but not large print, because my vision’s not that bad yet.

Physical books take up a lot of space, though. I’m a minimalist who knows we’re going to have to move out of this small apartment eventually. I don’t want more stuff than I absolutely need. Ebooks save space. My personal library takes up no space, rather than at least one whole wall of a room. I’m not going to hurt myself transporting it to a new flat.

Being a native English speaker living in Finland, physical books are also expensive. The library has a decent selection of English-language titles, but it’s limited. In the bookstore they have mainly romances, mysteries, and thrillers by authors I’ve never heard of. This means I need to order books I want from abroad, and shipping can be ridiculously expensive. Ebooks are cheaper, and I can download what I want immediately rather than waiting days or weeks for a physical book to arrive.

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