Please Leave a Message After the Beep

We’re inside one of those bubbles where the past few posts were written several days ago. This post was as well. I’m taking some time away from the internet to deal with real-life stuff, my overall health, and some deadlines. I’m not here right now. Please leave a message after the beep.

As you’re reading this, there are any number of things I could be doing. I might be checking all of the paperwork I need to take to immigration tomorrow for the 853rd time, paranoid that I’ve forgotten something. It could be that I’m madly cleaning the apartment, because we have a plumbing issue and I want the place to look nice when the workmen come. Yes, I’m your grandma, shut up. In all likelihood, I’m grinding to finish a book so that it can be released this coming Friday.

Tuesday I will be back in the office. By then I will be able to make an informed decision about taking time off. I direly need to just have a couple of days to sleep in, order a pizza so I don’t have to cook, and read a stack of books. I’ve been working at a breakneck pace, and I suspect that I’ll need to continue doing so for the rest of the year. A couple of days doesn’t seem like a huge ask.

Please Leave a Message After the Beep

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