BREATHING ROOM, the weekly podcast, will relaunch on 6 July 2021. We may not be fully set up in the new studio yet, but the content is more important than the production value. Like the other expressions of this site (blog, newsletter, zine) it will focus on the overlapping themes of minimalism, defiance, and inner peace.

The podcast will initially be available exclusively on my Patreon. Eventually it will appear on other platforms, once the bugs have been shaken out. It will always be available to patrons first, and there will be one bonus episode per month exclusively for patrons.

I will update this page with additional information as we get closer to the relaunch.

Why a Podcast?

Because that’s where the audience is right now. I think that the message contained within the tagline “minimalism, defiance, and inner peace” is an important one. The number of people that listen to podcasts far outstrips the number of people who read blogs, newsletters, and zines. We’re losing literacy, and critical thinking skills, and our very autonomy to consumerism and mindless entertainment. There has to be counterprogramming to at least make the attempt to say something useful or meaningful.

Why Minimalism, Defiance, and Inner Peace

Minimalism is about getting rid of the things you don’t need, in order to make space for the important things you truly need and want. This extends beyond material possessions to include stress, culture, and relationships. In an entertainment-focused, consumer-driven society, making these choices for yourself and rejecting the popular zeitgeist is an act of defiance. Standing up for yourself, and consciously choosing what you know to be the best course for your life, is the only way to achieve inner peace.

About the Weekly Podcast

The weekly podcast is a production of Berin Kinsman in conjunction with Dancing Lights Press. Copyright 2021 Berin Kinsman. All rights reserved.