the things we make give us power and insight

Everyone has something valuable to contribute. It is that simple. It is not, however, that easy. For, as the things we make give us power and insight, at the same time they also render us vulnerable. Our obsessions can teach us about who we are, and who we want to be, but they can also expose us. They can expose our weirdness and our insecurities, our ignorances and our deficiencies.”

Adam Savage, Every Tool is a Hammer

the things we make give us power and insight

To be minimalist can mean making things, rather than buying them. It can mean repairing things, rather than replacing them or paying someone else to fix them. Even if you don’t embracing being a maker of some sort, it will be about creating more space for your obsessions. That can be something mainstream, like having fewer, better kitchen gadgets. It might be “weirdness”, like collecting Funko Pop figures.

Having less will definitely bring these things to the forefront. They won’t be hidden among the clutter. You will have made conscious choices about what to keep and what to get rid of. What is essential to you, and what isn’t. Those things will then be more visible to other people as well. You won’t be able to hide among the clutter, either.

To be minimalist is to know yourself. It is to show yourself to the world. That’s why it’s often an act of defiance, as well as a path to inner peace.

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