Was 2019 a Productive Writing Year for You?

By objective measures, 2019 was a productive writing year for me. It’s a mixed bag, though, because subjectively I don’t feel creatively fulfilled. There’s an element of going through the motions, and that’s not going to be productive for me in the long term.

I wrote things and met my deadlines. I published books and earned money. Readers in my publishing niche, though, didn’t respond to the things I felt passion for. The work I did that I thought was genuinely good, even groundbreaking, fell flat. It wasn’t that it was poorly received. Negative reviews didn’t bury me alive. The work I cared about was largely ignored, and that’s what crushed me.

That’s why I sort of threw my production schedule out the window in the latter part of the year. I dropped a couple of projects that I knew weren’t going to land, and took on some things simply because I knew they’d help me to pay the bills. I spent a month resetting my goals. My decision to relaunch this blog, and to write a novel, was so I have creative outlets. Therefore, I can continue to do freelance work I’m ambivalent about without losing my mind.

I don’t feel as if I grew as a writer. That’s a different feeling of productivity. I didn’t move my career forward in any meaningful way. Therefore, I feel no sense of accomplishment.

Was 2019 a Productive Writing Year for You?

Okay reader, it’s your turn. Has the past year been productive where your writing goals were concerned? You don’t have to be a participant in The Merry Writer game to play along here!

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