Should You Promote Your Writing on Instagram?

Yes, I boycott despise Facebook but I have an Instagram account. Add that to the ethical struggles I deal with on the daily. I reopened my business Twitter recently, too. There is a point where economic reality forces you to make compromises. Should you promote your writing on Instagram? Too many people have touted the benefits of doing it, so I’m looking into it. You can find me there as DancingLightsPress.

At first it made no sense to me. What I’m going to post, cover shots? Isn’t Instagram at its very core a platform for people who look at pictures but don’t read? Yes and know. My wife Katie has had a lot of success using Instagram, and she writes novels in her posts. Granted, she is a visual artist and posts photos of her work. It’s slightly different.

But she gets a lot of engagement. People read her blurbs and comment on them. She has discussions with her followers and fans. It draws a lot of traffic to her blog and online shop. I can’t argue with results. Now I simply need to figure out what sort of content to put there. What do you think?

Should You Promote Your Writing on Instagram?

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Berin Kinsman is a writer, game designer, and owner/publisher at Dancing Lights Press. An American by accident of birth, he currently lives in Finland with his wife, artist Katie Kinsman.

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  1. Hi, Berin. I highly recommend the book “Deep Work” by Cal Newport. It talks a lot about the opportunity costs of social media. I see your point about needing to compromise for engagement.

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