Would You Publish Your Diary?

Would you rather publish your diary or make a movie of your most embarrassing moment? I think it depends. Is the most moment in question being fictionalized, portrayed on screen as a character, or does it have to be autobiographical? This is hypothetical, of course, because I can’t really think of a defining moment of cringe in my life. At least, not one that would be understandable to other people without providing a lot of context.

Would You Publish Your Diary?

I don’t think my diary, which would either be my bullet journal or this blog, would be that compelling a read. Honestly, you’re not knocking each other other to get to this page, so who would buy this drivel in book form? Zine form, maybe. I’m actually considering that. I have been for a while. Back at the start of this year, when I originally planned on blogging daily, I was going to compile each months’ worth of posts into a zine and make it available for download. That plan got waylaid somewhere along the line, likely by depression and the demands of paying work. I’m up for revisiting it.

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