Reluctantly Going Outside

After 7 days isolated in Camp Corona, we’re reluctantly going outside today. My original plan was to maybe, possibly, go on Thursday. If the outside world was looking relatively stable, we’d try to replace what we’d eaten, mainly fresh produce and proteins. Of course we’d also stock up on a few more staples. Well, things are looking good virus-wise. What’s concerning me, and the reason we’re stepping things up by a couple of days, is because people are predictably unpredictable.

The good news is that there are apparently no new cases here in our district. Nearly all of the new infections over the past week have been in the Helsinki area. While that doesn’t mean there aren’t asymptomatic people walking around unwittingly sharing the infection, I do feel safer going out with all necessary precautions in place. Especially since the Helsinki district has been under travel restrictions for a few days now, and that outbreak is relatively contained.

What I consider to be bad news is that restaurants have been ordered to close. To my thinking, that means more people will be heading to the grocery stores over the next few days. Going out first thing in the morning to avoid any potential rush seems like a good idea, rather than going Thursday and not only finding more people haunting the aisles, but shelves that have been picked over.

Reluctantly Going Outside

Of course, we might still find a crowd waiting when we get there. In that case, we’ll turn around and come home. If there are bare shelves, we’ll get what we can and make due with what we’ve got at home. The whole point of building up some reasonable reserves — not hoarding — is to have enough to get by if we aren’t able to go out for a few weeks.

For the moment, the new plan is going to be one trip per week as long as things are relatively safe. If we go into full lockdown, or there’s a local outbreak, or people get dangerously squirrelly, we’ll be able to stay dug in.

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