Restoration and Repair

Besides dead malls, my other current obsession, which is slowly creeping into my work-in-progress, is the “restoration and repair” genre on YouTube. People take old junk, from metal Tonka toys to antique radios to padlocks, refinish them, and make them like new. While I don’t quite get why you’d spend two weeks and a hundred dollars give a cheap broken toy a makeover, they’re satisfying to watch. Kind of like visual ASMR.

One of the themes of the book is that civilization is changing. That change feels like a decline. As the old falls into ruin people desperately cling to the past, terrified of the vast unknown that the future represents. It’s very much a Gothic literature trope.

Restoration and Repair

I’ve added a character who does these sorts of restorations as a hobby. He visits flea markets, yard sales, and estate sales and finds these objects that seem ruined beyond repair. Then he takes them home and breathes new life into them. He finds the beauty in them, and painstakingly resurrects them. He doesn’t fear the future, or cling too sentimentally to the past. The character is mean to symbolize balance, and represent hope. He has tools, and knowledge, and is able to adapt to the changing conditions.

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