Would You Rather Be in a Romance or Action Novel?

Would you rather be in a romance novel or an action novel?  I have to say romance. I’d flat-out get murdered in an action novel. Hopefully my love interest would be my wife, and it could be some sort of sappy contemporary story that gets turned into a Hallmark movie. Something in a small town with quirky townsfolk and some sort of misunderstanding. Yes, I’ve read my share of romance novels.

I’ve also read my share of thrillers, “men’s adventure” series (The Destroyer, The Executioner, Casca) and classing pulp adventures (Doc Savage, The Shadow, The Spider). They tend to have more plot than people who’ve never read one would expect. Novels aren’t a visual medium like film, so you’re not going to get John Wick or the Taken series. I might survive an action novel. There’s no way that I’d enjoy it, though.

Romance or Action Novel

A lot of things can happen in a romance novel, and almost all of them have a happy ending. An action novel requires violence. I’m getting to old for violence. Even if it were an idealized, younger version of myself, in the book, I don’t want to be in the middle of violence.

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