Seasonal Depression and Migri

We’re in the throes of the Long Dark. We should hear the decision on our immigration status by the first week in January. Between seasonal depression and Migri, I’m more than a little stressed right now.

Somehow I made it through November without much difficulty. I was too busy to think about anything, by design. I overloaded my schedule by design. This past week, though, things have slowed down a bit. It’s given me the chance to think about things. News keep creeping through my filters.

The Reality of the Situation

Should immigration deny our residence renewal, we will be given 30 days to leave. That’s from the date we’re informed. 30 days to wrap up the life we’ve built here over the past 6+ years and get out. Katie’s got a gallery showing that runs from 11 January into February, and that’s the least of our logistical nightmares.

Depression is the inability to construct a future.

Rollo May, Love and Will (1969)

I do not want to go back to the United States, especially in the middle of an unchecked pandemic. Biden can make all of the plans he wants, but the other guy is still calling the shots until 20 January, and the GOP are still going to retain a lot of power in congress. The conspiracy theorists will still be out there, with their disinformation, misinformation, and assault rifles. I find the stories of people being beaten up for asking others to wear a mask, or for wearing a mask themselves, to be nothing short of barbaric.

A lot of people have suggested just moving to another country in Europe. As if it’s as easy as moving from Pennsylvania to New Jersey, or Indiana to New Mexico. That’s not how it works. If our residence is denied, we’re barred from the whole Schengen Area for six months. I am looking at other fallback positions, but most safe places have travel restrictions that could keep us out. Plus, there is the cost of moving and setting up life again in a new place.

Seasonal Depression and Migri

The only thing that gets us through this, one way or the other, is money. Either Migri is satisfied that we make enough of it, or we have enough to set up housekeeping in a country that’s maybe not as pleasant as Finland, but not violently deranged either. This is why I’m a workaholic. It’s why I’ve been grinding, not just to avoid seasonal affective disorder but to have my ducks as neatly in a row as possible.

Want to help? Buy one of my books, and tell as many people as possible to buy my books. Buy original, one-of-a-kind artwork from Katie’s shop. Even if you buy me a coffee, it helps. All I’m trying to do is hang on and survive.

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