A Second Wave is Coming Here in Finland

At the moment I’m fighting a mild respiratory infection. It’s the result of allergies, and normally no big deal. In the midst of a pandemic, however, it’s enough that we’ve gone back into lockdown. They’ve issued warnings that a second wave is coming here in Finland. So there will be fewer trips out, and those will follow my extreme “shotgun and a hazmat suit” protocol.

I’d be more at ease if I didn’t have so many errands to run in the next two weeks. There are things we need to do in order to extend our residence. That culminates in a train trip to Kuopio, to the nearest immigration office. Two hours up, an appointment that based on experience will last about 30 minutes, and two hours back. It seems like a lot of exposure to hand someone printouts of documents that have already been sent electronically, get our fingerprints taken (again), and have an official look us in the eye to ensure our faces match our passport photos.

Seriously, that’s all that ever happens in these meetings.

We have masks galore. Both Katie had I have 4 washable masks each, and a supply of disposable masks. I bought a large bottle of hand sanitizer, and parceled it out into smaller 3-ounce travel bottles. Both of us carry multiple packets of alcohol wipes, which I use to open doors and wipe down grocery trolleys. We even have latex gloves. All of which are assembled in a kit that includes a large ziplock back to put used items into for later disposal.

All of this is still better than the situation in the United States. Even though cases are increasing here because the universities are reopening and foreign students and faculty are coming it, the increase isn’t as bad as what’s happening in America. If nothing else, I’ve yet to get into an argument with a Finn that insists COVID-19 is a hoax.

A Second Wave is Coming Here in Finland

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