How Would You Like to be Seen by Other Writers?

How would you like to be seen by other writers? For the sake of my own ego, I need to separate what I’d like and what I expect. Bottom line, I just want basic respect. That’s not meant to be as confrontational as it sounds.

How Would You Like to be Seen by Other Writers?

I’m not saying that I want to be praised for the quality of my work. I’d like to be acknowledged as a participant within my little publishing niche. There are so many cliques and circles, and I don’t fit into any of them. I am dismissed as a dilettante, a hack, or a pretentious snob with literary aspirations.

I’ve done some work for big companies. My CV isn’t built on that. In some peoples’ eyes that makes me less legitimate. If I were any good, I’d be snapped up by one of the majors. That’s not how that works, and also, that’s not what I want.

Because I publish through my own company, the stigma of “self-publishing” follows me around. It doesn’t matter that I’m entering my fifth year of doing this for a living. I’m lumped in with the hobbyists.

Then there are the “art-for-art’s-sake” people who look down their noses at me because I have a profit motive. I should be doing what I do for the love of it, and possibly for awards and accolades that will prove that I’m a true craftsman in my field.

I’d like is to be seen by other writers as someone worthy of a seat at the table. Each of us writes different things, in different ways, for different reasons. At the end of the day, we’re still all writers.

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