The Simple Joy of a Functional Office

Some people look forward to summer vacation. Others get excited about Christmas. The highpoint of 2021 for me may just be the simple joy of a functional office.

I’m not just talking about post-move. This elation isn’t only because I soon won’t have to sit on the sofa, laptop balanced on my knees, trying to write. It’s not because I’ll be free from the shelf in the kitchen that I intermittently use as a standing desk. For the first time in seven years, I will have a proper dedicated workspace.

The Simple Joy of a Functional Office

This is yet another reason for the move. I am incredibly proud of the fact that I started a business from a kitchen table. That appeals to the minimalist in me. It tickles my punk rock, garage band sensibilities. It’s as close to creating something from nothing as you can get. You begin to run into limitations.

In the early days, I would clear away my things three times a day so we could sit down and eat. As time went on and that became a hassle, we jut ate in the living room. I’ve never been a fan of that; I don’t enjoy balancing a bowl of soup on my lap. Now I have both as desk and a kitchen table, and they’re not in the same room.

Physical separation from Katie’s studio space is also important. Not that we don’t cohabitate well. I’m just happy that she can watch her murder shows without having to wear headphone, during those times where I work better in silence. I can listen to music, or podcasts, or whatever background noise I might need, without bothering her.

It won’t feel weird to read things out loud while I’m editing; I won’t be self-conscious because someone else is in the room, and I don’t have to worry that I’m distracting her. There’s space for me to pace, when I need to move around. There are other places to sit, if I want to stretch out, or journal, or read, or just not be at my desk for a while.

Oh Wait, Two Businesses

I’m not just in the process of reimagining Dancing Lights Press. I’m also getting ready for the soft launch of Breathing Room Media, too. All of this is possible because within a week I will have a functional office!

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