Simple Living Minimalism as an Excuse

Let’s talk about the other elephant in the room. People have, with various bad-faith motivations, insinuated that I use simple living minimalism as an excuse. They equate a lack of stuff with being poor. To them being poor translates to being lazy. So they think that when I say I’m not materialistic and like leading a low-key, simple life, what I’m really doing is justifying a lack of ambition.

I don’t own a house, or a car, or a microwave. In their minds it’s not because I don’t want or need those things, but because I can’t afford them. If I have money, they think, I’d be as materialistic as they are.

On some level they’re right, but not for the reasons they think. If somehow millions of euros suddenly fell into our bank account, I’d buy a small car. We’d need it to get to the modest house we bought deep in the woods, far from the bus lines. In addition to more studio space for Katie, we’d need the house so I could have a library full of books, and a canning pantry. I still wouldn’t have a microwave, but I’d likely get an automatic dishwasher. They’re great for sterilizing canning jars.

Since the bills would be covered, I’d spend my days gardening, reading, and listening to music. Not having to grind as a lo-fi writer, I could take my time picking away at novels, submitting them to traditional publishers as I finished them. It would still be simple living, with things I don’t want or need eliminated to make space for the things I so.

It’s not that I’d lean into materialism for its own sake. I’d just get some things I’ve dreamed of having, and live life the way I’d want to live it. I still wouldn’t join Amazon Prime or get a Disney+ subscription. Truth be told, I probably wouldn’t buy books faster then I could read them, either. If I horded anything, it would probably be canning supplies. I’m really going all-in for this canning thing.

Simple Living Minimalism as an Excuse

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