Simplifying in a World Gone Mad

There’s one reason you should be simplifying in a world gone mad: flexibility. Everything feels unpredictable right now, because in many ways it is. The divisiveness over everything gets uglier and more threatening every day. People are struggling financially, suffering because of the pandemic, and worried about the future. Being as ready as one can reasonably be for whatever comes next is common sense.

Having stuff feels like comfort. It seems like stability. What if you need something, and you no longer have it and can’t easily replace it? Whether it’s packing the pantry, stocking up on toilet paper, or hoarding whatever it is you fear running out of, we tend to hold on to what we’ve got whether we truly need it or not.

To me, simple living means being prepared to move. Having the essentials at hand, and a stockpile of cash. Being not only ready, but able to seize an opportunity when it arises feels a lot safer than digging in. Keeping my needs basic means they can be met more easily. Fewer commitments means fewer limitations on what I’m able to do.

Simplifying in a World Gone Mad

Over the years I have learned that I am a lot stronger than I ever suspected. I could not have spent the past 6 years living in Finland if I still had a house and a mortgage in the United States. There is no way I could be self-employed if I had the financial obligations that come with a certain lifestyle. It’s okay to want things, but this is a time for pragmatism. Focus, find your priorities, and be ready to live lean and mean until some semblance of sanity comes back to the world.

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I will not be checking email or reading comments until then. All of this week’s posts were written and scheduled in mid-October so I could take this week away from the internet.

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