So Much to Do, So Few Spoons

Yesterday I pulled an 18-hour work day. I was diligently up at 6 am, and went to bed a few minutes before midnight. The new game is available for preorder, four new videos are up on the YouTube channel, and a lot of groundwork for the next few months has been laid (including plans for far too many contingencies). There’s still so much to do and so few spoons available at the moment. I just want to touch base with you and do some catching up before I dive back into work.

So Much to Do

Today I was up at 6 am again, and I’m feeling it. There are only two things on my list right now: the book launch and the meeting with immigration, both of which happen next Friday. It doesn’t sound like much, but each of those things has a lot of moving parts and fiddly bits.

There’s also the matter of this blog and the Patreon, which admittedly can continue to slip a bit. I need to remind myself that I’ve made it clear that things don’t officially relaunch until August. All of this other stuff will be off my plate by then. What I still need to do is get the foundational content up, to provide a sample of the topics and approaches newcomers can expect from my blogging efforts.

The next game is also percolating in the wings, because I am a hack and need to grind. It’s one I’ve really been wanting to write, because it’s so different from anything currently on the market. That means it’s either going to be completely ignored or turn into a surprise hit. There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground for oddball, off-genre roleplaying games.

So Few Spoons

Some of the foundational content I need to complete and post is about bullet journaling and self-care. Working on those will be acts of self-care, as they will serve to remind me of my own best practices. When you’re low on spoons, it’s easy to let good habits slide. A portion of the foundational self-care canon will be about spoon theory, too, so I have at least one post to link to when I start prattling on about flatware and fatigue.

Now I need to consult my journal, figure out what I’m supposed to be doing next, and get to it…

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