So Here’s the Plan

Since September I’ve been evaluating my habits. Heading into 2021 I want to use my bullet journal more effectively. I want to have a clear picture of the projects I’ll be working on. Anything that I can do to eliminate unnecessary tasks, streamline my workflows, and create more time for self-care is at the top of my list. This extends to the maintenance of this site, the operation of my business, and the management of my personal life. So here’s the plan.

No More Daily Blogging

I’m dropping back to a weekly post on Sunday. It will be a cross between an open letter and a newsletter format, with quick snippets on what I’m up to at the moment. The idea is to share less, but to make what I do choose to share more meaningful. Think of it as a more curated experience.

On an irregular basis I will be posting essays. These will be more of a deep dive into a topic I care about. Not so long that they’ll be difficult to read online, but more polished and well-researched than a typical blog post. When I say irregular, I mean I’m making no schedule. If I have the time and inclination to write one every week, then that’s what will happen. If it’s one per month, or one per quarter, that’s what it will be. The point is to strive for quality over quantity.

Oh. I will also continue to plug my books as they’re released.

Twitter and Email

Both my personal and business Twitter accounts are back to broadcast-only. Basically, they’re an avenue to let people know the respective blogs have been updated. I’m going back to checking email once per day, after dinner. That also applies to personal and professional accounts. Anyone that needs to reach me urgently has my phone number. That’s the plan.

The Business Site

I’ve already stripped the business site back to a basic information site. You can learn about the current product lines, a little about the company, and use the contact form to email me. Those will all be freshened up in the coming weeks. New products will be added as they’re published.

Here’s the plan: I’m not blogging there any more. My reasons for this are varied, but mostly have to do with the efficacy of blogging as a marketing tool for my publishing niche in the 21st century. It’s not the best way to grow my business. My time is better spent elsewhere.

I’m Taking the Holidays Off

This is my last post until after the New Year. I’m taking a couple of weeks off, not just from blogging but the internet in general. When I’ll be back is up in the air. It could be the first week of January, it could be later than that. Rest assured that when I’m back I’ll be back. There will be weekly posts, and hopefully a new essay or two.

Of course, if there’s any big news I’ll jump in and post it. I just need a break. According to WordPress I’ve blogged every day for 273 days. That streak began with daily covid updates. I wrote and published 11 books and 8 issues of a zine this year. There’s physical and mental health stuff that I need to deal with. On top of that is the wait for an immigration decision. Plus, you know, endless pandemic and political nonsense.

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season

Be safe out there. Please be smart. Find joy where you can. I’ll see you again next year.

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so Here’s The Plan


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