Interlude: Social Distancing Writer’s Retreat

It’s time for me to pull back and turn Camp Corona into a full-blown social distancing writer’s retreat. This is my 35th day in isolation. It ought to be a high point for productivity and creativity. I’m tired of being too emotionally exhausted to get any substantial writing done.

So for at least this week, maybe longer, I’m not posting about you-know-what. I’m not discussing anything that happens beyond the walls of my apartment. I am only checking email twice a day. I’ll touch base once after lunch and once after dinner. The only people that might need to reach me in a true emergency have my phone number.

Twitter has been uninstalled from my phone, and I have Twitter Tamer (no longer available, but still installed on my Chrome) hiding out trending topics. I am checking twice a day, at the same time I check email. All I’m going in for are direct messages. These blog posts will continue to by syndicated there as well.

I’m limiting television/streaming time to two hours per day in the evening. There will be no news or news-adjacent content. That’s adequate for a movie, a wrestling show, a couple of episodes of a TV drama, or a few eps of a sitcom.

My time will be spent writing and reading.

Social Distancing Writer’s Retreat

My current work in progress is an action thriller tabletop roleplaying game called DoubleZero. You can read about it over on the company website. I haven’t decided whether or not I’m going to start a developer’s blog for it. I’m keeping notes in a journal, and if it seems like it might be interesting to other people I might compile them.

I’m currently reading Agnes Grey by Anne Brontë. Unlike other books in the Brontë Sisters canon, I have not read this one before. I’m already prepared to call it an underappreciated gem. Please don’t come at me saying that in these difficult times I should be reading and supporting living authors who need money. It’s entirely possible to buy their books and still read the classics. My obsession with quasi-Gothic literature is research for my own (currently back-burnered) novel. Plus, I genuinely enjoy it.

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