Spoons, Social Media, and Blogging

Let’s talk about spoons, social media, and blogging for a moment. All of us have a finite amount of energy to devote to work, household chores, and side hustles. Some of us have less-than-typical amounts to work with, so we need to prioritize. Focus your efforts on necessities, and the areas that will get the best results. As my minimalist mantra states, get rid of what you don’t need to make room for what you do. For me, that means pushing the blog and my presence on Twitter to the back burner for a while.

Spoons, Social Media, and Blogging

It’s not just about the effort it takes to write blog posts, or to throw out a few casual tweets. When you suffer from anxiety and depression, there’s a whole mental dance to be done when considering topics, and how those topics will be received. My mind tries to anticipate every possible nasty comment that could result from anything I say on the internet. While this forces me to choose my words carefully and communicate more clearly, it’s still exhausting. It chews up my metaphorical spoons as if they were real flatware caught in a garbage disposal.

To help with this, I now have assistants handling the business email, website comments, and social media. Their instructions are simple:

  1. If it’s not a question, it doesn’t require an answer;
  2. Unless it’s a compliment, then you say thank you;
  3. Rude comments get deleted with no response;
  4. Bring legitimate problems to me ASAP.

I get to spend my time productively. That means writing for the day job, working on the novel, and keeping the apartment in order. When I have the spoons to deal with the blog and social media I will.

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