A Statement on Amazon Affiliate Links

So here’s the thing: I have an Amazon affiliate account. Rarely use it. I’m not pleased with how they treat their workers, among other things. The company is clearly problematic for oh so many reasons. Because I’m seeking to increase the revenue generated by the site, I wanted to get out in front and issue a statement on Amazon affiliate links that might be appearing here with greater frequency in the near future.

The flip side, you see, is that many indie authors rely on Amazon. It’s how they’re able to self-publish their books, get them into the hands of readers, and develop a following. I would like to give some of them a signal boost. I benefits them, and it benefits me… but it also benefits Amazon, and that’s the part I struggle with.

To be clear I haven’t made any final decisions about what, exactly, I’m going to do. There are alternatives available, but none are clearly s lucrative as working with Amazon. If I start using the affiliate program, it may be limited to promoting authors whose work is only available via that venue. No matter what I decide, I will remain conflicted about it.

A Statement on Amazon Affiliate Links

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