A Statement on Professional Wrestling

This is the last one of these that I’m doing. Yes, during this pandemic professional wrestling has been a main source of entertainment and escapism for me. So yes, I am fully aware of everything that’s going on, the promotions that are involved, and the individuals being called out. I’m not going to recite the litany of allegations, or link to the stories, or explain to those not in the loop. Still, having posted positive things about pro wrestling relatively recently I have been asked about it. I am expected to denounce evil. So here’s my statement on professional wrestling.

Of course I believe women. Yes, I want these companies to do the right thing. Naturally I want people to be held accountable for their actions. 

These things should go without saying. This fucking world, that a fan has to engage in performative morality. That I need to state the obvious, that bad things are bad, so no one gets mad at me. Again, I don’t know these people, I’m not aware of what they’re doing behind the scenes or in their private lives. Not until the rest of the world finds out about these things.

The net effect is that all of this keeps pushing me deeper into my hermitage. It just becomes easier with each passing day to withdraw from the world. The awfulness is injury enough, but the insult of reducing these things to gossip and drama is well past the line for me. I can see a time coming when I just go silent, because there’s nothing left to talk about, because everything and everyone has been outed as terrible.

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