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August 2020 Station Identification: This is, the official online presence of  me, Berin Kinsman. I am a writer, game designer, and owner/publisher at Dancing Lights Press.  For both philosophical and practical reasons I am a simple living minimalist. I self-identify as a spoonie because I am a flawed but tenacious human. An American by accident of birth, I currently live in Finland with my wife, artist Katie Kinsman.

  • Web: Most search engines, including Google, bring you to this site when you look for my name. I’m not hard to find.
  • Email: This remains the best way to reach me. There’s a contact form on this site that’s easy to find if you bother to look.
  • Facebook: I have not had an active Facebook account for years. There is nothing that could entice me to go back.
  • Twitter: My personal Twitter account is currently inactive, and still exists only to keep the name for possible future use.
  • Instagram: I have an Instagram account that I rarely post to, and use mostly to look at pictures of dogs, art, and architecture.

Pet Peeves

  • People that send business communication to my personal email. This is like a customer or client showing up at a your house rather than your place of business. Unprofessional. Boundaries.
  • People that send personal communication to my business email. This is like a friend or family member showing up at your place of work unannounced. Not cool. Boundaries.
  • People that send my wife DM’s on Facebook and ask her to pass along a message. I do not answer those messages. If you need to reach me, make the effort to send me an email.

Station Identification

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