Would You Rather Be Super-Strong But…

Would you rather be super-strong but very slow moving, or super-fast but very weak? I’m already slow and used to it, so let’s at least add some strength to that. Being fast but weak sounds like a recipe for disaster.

I honestly have no practical application for these powers in my life. It seems like gaining powers would require a lifestyle change to find ways to use them, and I’m not really down with that. This is my main problem with superhero origin stories. What if a person already had a happy, stable life? Why would they risk messing that up just because they can suddenly do some amazing thing?

Would You Rather Be Super-Strong But…

I have no idea what this question has to do with writing. Something something type faster, maybe? Use super-strength to withstand the withering effects of rejection letters? Think about how your main character would answer this question? Who knows?

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