If You’re Looking for a Tabletop Roleplaying Blog…

A lot of people originally know me as the keeper of a tabletop roleplaying blog. It’s where I started on the internet. Although I was never the best at it, I was one of the first, and there was some inexplicable cachet attached to that. Although I haven’t been an active member of the community since (checks notes) 2009, it’s still the field where I make my living.

Periodically I attempt to return to form, but find that it’s just not worth it. I continue to blog here for personal self-expression. There is no expectation of an audience, which makes me appreciate the few of you that do comment and interact all the more. The RPG community has moved on to podcasts and streaming content. Blogging is all but dead. The return on investment isn’t there.

Yet I used to enjoy it. I think that given the nature of the tabletop roleplaying material I produce, a blog is a good fit. My work puts an emphasis on storytelling. The books aren’t heavily illustrated, and require people to actually read to get something out of them.

Since I’m currently revamping the business site anyway, I’ve decided to take part in this year’s RPGaDay challenge. Every day for the month of August there’s a one-word prompt. From that, participants are encouraged to write something positive about the hobby. It fits in with what I have planned for the site, so I’ve incorporated it into the site overhaul.

So if you want to see me return to the fold of RPG blogging, at least temporarily, head on over to Dancing Lights Press.

If You’re Looking for a Tabletop Roleplaying Blog…

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