Tackling One Issue at a Time

My mission at the moment is to rearrange my workflows so I can better batch tasks. Tackling one issue at a time is more productive because its a more efficient use of my time. It also puts less stress on my executive dysfunction.

This means scheduling my work so that I’m writing a week’s worth of blog posts all at once. Rather writing updates daily, I can give 100% of my attention to that in one sitting. On other days I can focus on a single project, and fall into a productive flow state without the distraction of other projects.

Weekends are for the joy of cooking. I have always made a special meal for Sunday dinner, and recently that’s expanded to Saturday as well. For meals during the week I cook ahead, making things that can be packaged up and quickly reheated. Since my desk is in the kitchen, I can pop something into the oven or dump it in a pot, set a time, and go back to work until it’s done. For worst-case scenario day, I’m keeping sandwich fixings on hand.

Getting Things Done

As thing pop up, as they inevitably will, they’ll get noted in my bullet journal’s daily log. I’m setting aside two intervals during the day, once before lunch and once before “clocking out”, to review and deal with those things. I’m going to use David Allen’s Getting Things Done workflow to assess things – basically, do it if it takes under 2 minutes, schedule it, file it, or trash it. There will be a fold-out cheat sheet in my 2021 bullet journal. I’m going to develop icons for each category.

Some of this is happening because I have an eye on tweaking my productivity in 2021. It’s also because I know the Long Dark is coming, and I need clearly delineated routines. Once season affective disorder kicks in, I need to be able to operate on auto pilot. Established habits, clear notes, and solid processes will guide me through.

Tackling One Issue at a Time

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