Self-Care Without Self-Awareness

There’s a good piece over a Tiny Buddha today titled Escape Isn’t Self-Care. Too many people embrace avoidance behavior, but don’t do much else to nurture their physical and mental health. It’s self-care without self-awareness, because you’re not acknowledging how you feel, or why you feel that way. You can never address the underlying issue […]

The Least Among Us

Someone tweeted “poor me” because he had to cancel his 16-day golf vacation due to his own petulant inaction. He also said that what’s happening in the country is a disgrace because he’s not getting his way. That was, apparently, after throwing shade at child who believes in Santa Claus. Meanwhile, an 8-year-old Guatemalan boy died in […]

This Post is Not About Politics

My policy is to not write about politics. I will write about minimalism, about productivity, about self-care, but not about politics. That said, this post is kind of, sort of, about politics, but it’s really about the simplify, create, thrive ethos in action. The European Court of Justice has ruled that the United Kingdom can […]

Propaganda… with Katie and Berin

This week’s topic: Propaganda vs Fake News Katie and Berin talk about the blatant lies being circulated by a certain government administration. They discuss how this is an underlying cultural problem in the United States, where people are raised to believe certain things that have no basis in fact. As falsehood compound upon falsehoods, is […]

Here Come the Christmas Police

On November 1st, stores in America put all of their Halloween stuff on clearance and started rolling out more Christmas merchandise. I say “more of” because I know a lot of places were setting up for the holidays as early as September. And every year, here come the Christmas Police, complaining that it’s too soon. […]

The US Immigration Crisis, Explained In this episode of the Proof of Life podcast, Katie and Berin talk about what’s going on at the US/Mexico border. They try to sift through the rhetoric and get to the facts about illegal immigration, indefinite detention, and kids separated from their parents and placed into tent cities and empty warehouses. Special Thanks […]