Turning My Kanban Board into a Future Log

For a long time now I’ve used a Kanban board to manage workflows. Currently I’m using a small cork board mounted on the wall. If you’re not familiar with the method, you divide a whiteboard or bulletin board into four columns. They’re labeled with some variation of to do, in progress, waiting, done. It’s a […]

Have a System to Capture Creative Ideas

If I had to give you just one piece of creative advice, it would be this: have a system to capture creative ideas. Write it down, look it over, and figure out how to use it. You will slowly make connections and have epiphanies that would never happen if you didn’t capture the information. Various […]

My Current Bullet Journal Habits

At this point, the only thing I use in my bullet journal are the future log, the current monthly spread, and daily rapid logging. Project spreads have turned into an index of rapid log entries, with a collection of open tasks on the opposing page. I’m not using color coding, washi tape, stickers, or anything […]

Finding My Theme for 2019

This time of year is conducive to reflection and introspection. As I’m sitting here now, mellow Christmas music is playing. Big fat snowflakes are gently falling outside my window. It’s practically meditative. In the quiet, peaceful atmosphere the holidays can provide[efn_note]I didn’t say will provide, I said can provide. Your mileage may vary.[/efn_note], it’s time […]

Mid-Month Status Update: December 2018

This is a reminder that a monthly status page exists, updated periodically as something worth mentioning happens. I edit that post as needed, rather than creating short posts and spamming the inboxes of subscribers. It’s a way to communicate short bits of information, and document things that are probably boring to general readers of this […]