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My Bullet Journal as a Vice

When I started using my Leuchtturm1917 bullet journal, I said that I wasn’t going to be one of those people that turns it into an…


Use This Priority Matrix to Make Better Decisions

In trying to set proper priorities for my personal and professional life, I first had to establish some criteria. I looked over a few different…

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SMART Magna Cartas [Write It Down, Get It Done]

At the start of any project, whether it’s a creative work, a major household reorganization, or setting up a new bullet journal, I create a…


Write It Down, Get It Done: Journaling 101

Keeping a journal is something that I’ve done for years. It started when I was in art school and always had a sketchbook with me.…

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Keep a Daily List of Accomplishments as an Act of Self-Care

Over the past several weeks I’ve been playing around with various journaling styles. My goal has been to manage my professional productivity, while making sure…

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