An Overview of My Current Journal Setup

Because people have asked, here’s an overview of my current journal setup. This is high-level. In future posts I’ll get into how I set up specific spreads, pages, and trackers. Note that this is also my main journal, because I also maintain separate journals with different layouts for specific projects. At the front I start […]

Don’t Start Your Day Without A Plan

A note keeps popping up reminding me that I wanted to write a series of blog posts about creating journal templates. Specifically, what a journal template is, and suggestions for things that might go into different types of journals. When I sit down to start writing it, I logically start considering the many ways that I […]

Composition Book Hacks

This popular article is scheduled to be revised and expanded soon! Subscribe and you’ll be notified when the updated version is available!  As much as I love my electronic tools, for a lot of things I still prefer paper. There’s something about writing, rather than typing, and being able to doodle and draw diagrams. There’s […]