The YouTube Situation, Explained (Part 2)

We need to talk about the infamous YouTube algorithm. Not how it works, specifically, but what I’m certain it’s intended to do. This extends to all algorithms on all social media, where the platform decides what you get to see rather than just giving you what you asked for, in chronological order. YouTube is an […]

The YouTube Situation, Explained (Part 1)

For those who pay no attention to these sorts of things, here’s a short recap of what’s been happening on YouTube over the past week, with my analysis. The reason I care is because it affects creators, and it’s got potential ramifications that could set precedents on other platforms that creators use. YouTube Comment Sections […]

Let’s Talk About Patreon… Again

This is something that I was going to write about over the upcoming 12 Days of Blogmas, but I feel forced into discussing it now. I’ve already dropped a few preliminary thoughts, but I was going to wait to say more until I had a solid plan. Things have changed, and there is drama, so […]