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Please Support Indie Creators and Performers

Yesterday I sent out an important update via the business site, asking people to please support indie creators within that publishing niche. It’s a side hustle or a hobby for a lot of those folks, sure. But when their day jobs have been shut down, or they need to self-quarantine, and they have no idea […]

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Why I Quit the Writing Community

A few months ago I went back to Twitter. I discovered the writing community (hashtag writingcommunity) and it was awesome. People in all stages of their writing careers being polite and sociable and helping one another out. Writers in different genres being kind to those who worked in other genres. Folks just starting out interacting […]


Everything is a Hot Mess and There is No Escape

There was a time when I would turn to fandom to get away from the real world. That’s supposed to be the purpose of escapism, after all. It’s not just about sticking your nose in a book, binging a TV show, or playing a game to get away from the news or your dysfunctional family. […]

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Do You Use An Accountability Buddy?

An accountability buddy is someone, usually another writer, that you share your progress with. Telling someone that you’re making word count, getting pages edited, or working out the kinks in your story drives you to actually do those things. At least, that’s theory. At various times in the past I have been involved in writer’s […]