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Tag: eightfold self-care

Right Livelihood: How Earning an Ethical Living Affects Self-Care

I’ll say it here and I’ll say it clear: A good chunk of my need for self-care stems from years of not practicing Right Livelihood.…


Right Action: The Need for Compassion in Self-Care

Do the right thing. Easy to say, harder to do. Who defines what that is? If you do the wrong thing for the right reasons,…

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Right Speech: The Role of Truth in Self-Care

At this moment in history I struggle over whether to speak up or stay silent. There is pain to be found in the exercise of…

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Right Resolve: How Intention Drives Self-Care

If I have one big button that gets pushed on a daily basis, it’s people doing things that they know will result in harm to…

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Right View: Perspective as a Catalyst for Self-Care

Whether you’re a Buddhist or not, you have to accept the First Noble Truth: suffering exists. We all experience it to some degree. It could…

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