The Polar Vortex as Seen from Finland

People have asked me to comment on the polar vortex that’s freezing North America. Presumably this is because I’m in Finland, which has a colder climate. I think the expectation is that I’ll poke fun at people in the upper Midwest and Canada and tell them that they don’t understand what “real cold” is. I’m […]

Self-Care Without Self-Awareness

There’s a good piece over a Tiny Buddha today titled Escape Isn’t Self-Care. Too many people embrace avoidance behavior, but don’t do much else to nurture their physical and mental health. It’s self-care without self-awareness, because you’re not acknowledging how you feel, or why you feel that way. You can never address the underlying issue […]

Independence …with Katie and Berin This week’s topic: What independence means to us! In this episode, Katie and Berin discuss Finnish Independence Day and how it’s celebrated. They talk about what independence means to them as creators and entrepreneurs. Special Thanks to Gary E. Weller Pertti Ankkuri Support us on Patreon! Katie’s Instagram (see her artwork!) Dancing […]