Let’s Talk About Marie Kondo

Because I’m a self-proclaimed minimalist, people often ask me about Marie Kondo. Most of the time, the people asking are fans of hers, which is where it gets awkward. They assume that I think she’s fabulous, and start getting upset when my response isn’t over-the-top praise. I give them my opinion, and then they jump […]

Unplugging from the Collective Electronic Consciousness

It’s hard to believe that November is almost over. What’s even more amazing is how good I’m feeling. So far the Long Dark isn’t kicking my ass the way it has in recent year. Yes, I have less energy and want to sleep more. I chalk some of that up to aging. What I haven’t […]

Welcome to Black Friday 2018

Hey, it’s Black Friday 2018! That means that as a self-identified minimalist I’m supposed to denounce consumer culture and all of the horrible materialistic practices that come with it! Yeah, no. Not so much this year, sorry. Not feeling it. You know all of this stuff already. Something Something Spirit of the Season This time […]

Happy Thanksgiving 2018

It’s just another Thursday here in Finland. No one’s getting together with relatives they don’t like because cultural pressure requires them to. That’s what Yule is for! Why do it twice, and only a month apart? There’s no parade. People aren’t panicking over turkey. Football? American football? Never was my thing, anyway. Thanksgiving 2018 is […]

Why Is This So Hard to Grasp?

First, a bit of housekeeping: bolstered by the amount of engagement this page has been receiving, I’m going to continue these late night (for me), off-the-cuff, occasionally ranty posts. Thank you all for the views, likes, shares, and comments. The temptation to go radio silent for a bit is strong, but I’m resisting it. I’m […]