You Can Do Anything, But You Can’t Do Everything

The title of this post is from David Allen, author of Getting Things Done and codifier of the GTD productivity system. You can’t literally do anything, but I take the point he’s trying to make. We all have choices about how we spend our finite resources — time, money, and energy, mostly. There is no […]

Welcome to Black Friday 2018

Hey, it’s Black Friday 2018! That means that as a self-identified minimalist I’m supposed to denounce consumer culture and all of the horrible materialistic practices that come with it! Yeah, no. Not so much this year, sorry. Not feeling it. You know all of this stuff already. Something Something Spirit of the Season This time […]

Bullet Journal as Project

Productivity systems run the risk of becoming projects unto themselves. Rather than supporting your life, maintaining the system becomes a goal. Instead of reducing work, it adds to it. I went through this with Franklin Covey, Trello, Evernote, 43 Folders, you name it. The time and energy lost to upkeep defeated the purpose of the […]

Productive Minimalism: Freedom from Distractions

Minimalism is about more than editing your material possessions. It’s a mindset to help you focus on what’s important. That means being protective of your time and energy as well. Those are finite resources that are even more valuable than money. Stop wasting them on things that don’t matter. I call it productive minimalism, and […]