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Why I’m a Planner, Not a Pantser

Yesterday I wrote about completing the initial draft of the novel, and being unhappy with both the process and the result. I’m a planner, not a pantser, but I was trying to take a more freewheeling approach with this book. It was not fun, and the book is not good. Today I want to take a […]

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Do You Use the Same Process for Every Novel

Today’s question is whether I use the same process for every novel, or if I take a different tack every time. In the past I would say that I had a consistent methodology over time. While things would evolve slightly as I found better ways of doing things, that was still an outgrowth of the […]

The Merry Writer Work in Progress Writing

What’s the First Step When Beginning to Write a Novel?

This is one of those questions that has no objectively right answer. The first step when beginning to write a novel will depend on your process. Are you a plotter, working out all of the beats ahead of time and then filling in the gaps? Or are you a “pantser”, flying by the seat of […]

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Preparing to Write a Novel: Tasks and Reasons

It’s odd to be talking about preparing to write a novel two-thirds of the way through NaNoWriMo. There will be people who think that I’m behind the curve somehow, that this is a late start. My goals, and the parameters that I’ve set for myself on this project, don’t properly align with that excellent and […]