Turning My Kanban Board into a Future Log

For a long time now I’ve used a Kanban board to manage workflows. Currently I’m using a small cork board mounted on the wall. If you’re not familiar with the method, you divide a whiteboard or bulletin board into four columns. They’re labeled with some variation of to do, in progress, waiting, done. It’s a […]

My Current Bullet Journal Habits

At this point, the only thing I use in my bullet journal are the future log, the current monthly spread, and daily rapid logging. Project spreads have turned into an index of rapid log entries, with a collection of open tasks on the opposing page. I’m not using color coding, washi tape, stickers, or anything […]

My Favorite Part of Work

A working writer does a lot more than just write. Every Monday morning is spent on accounting. At least a third of my time is spent editing, which is arguably a subset of writing, but it’s not adding words to a manuscript. Marketing is something I need to spend more time on, so I can […]