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What’s Your Biggest Writing Goal for 2020?

Previously I’ve talked about writing a novel, tracking daily word count, and wanting to be taken seriously. I think that on a higher level, my biggest writing goal for 2020 is to become a better writer. All of my other goals are either in support of that, or are an outgrowth of it. This is […]

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What Non-Writing Goal Do You Want to Accomplish in 2020?

The one non-writing goal that I have for the coming year is to improve my Finnish language skills. I have been here for over five years and my vocabulary and grammar are still terribly basic. There are reasons for this, and I think they’re valid, but that doesn’t change anything. Finnish is hard. I still […]

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What’s Your Writing Resolution for 2020?

In the past I’ve spoken at length about why I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions. Declaring that you’re going to do a thing isn’t an effective plan for getting it done. I will bang the gong for SMART goals until the day I die. In the spirit of the question, though, I will talk about […]