Let’s Hit Pause for a Moment

We interrupt today’s regularly scheduled blog post for a quick breather. As much as I’ve been enjoying daily blogging, the recent series exploring who I am and who I want to be is… a lot for me. It isn’t the workload. I’ve settled into a comfortable groove there. My schedule and my workspace are set […]

Self-Care Without Self-Awareness

There’s a good piece over a Tiny Buddha today titled Escape Isn’t Self-Care. Too many people embrace avoidance behavior, but don’t do much else to nurture their physical and mental health. It’s self-care without self-awareness, because you’re not acknowledging how you feel, or why you feel that way. You can never address the underlying issue […]

Let’s Talk About Spoon Theory

Spoon theory, if you haven’t heard of it before, it a metaphor for the resource limitations faced by people with chronic illnesses. The term was coined by┬áChristine Miserandino, who has lupus, in 2003. While sitting in a restaurant trying to explain the impact of her illness to a friend, she grabbed a bunch of spoons […]